Ralph Toporoff

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Happiness, Weegee takes directions from Director Sherman Price on the set of Europe or Bust, Paris, 1961

"I was living in Paris in a hotel on the left bank and in the apartment next to me was a film writer-director named Sherman Price. Sherman was making a movie starring the famous photographer Weegee in his first and possibly only screen role. The film was called “The Imp-Probable Mister Weegee” and in it, Weegee played a dirty old man, which wasn't much of a stretch. I was hired to be the set photographer, assistant to Weegee, and bubble bath maker for the women performers who came from the Club Crazy Horse in Paris. After working with Weegee for weeks, I finally had the courage to ask him what I needed to do to succeed as a reportage photographer. He said, “Always carry a pen and paper,” which I do to this day.” Ralph Toporoff


Artist: Ralph Toporoff
Title: Happiness
Dimensions: 101cm x 69cm.
Year and location: Hotel La Louisiane, Paris (France) 1961

Edition: 2/10 signed on the back
Tech.: Archival Pigment Print/2008 - from photograph film negative/1961