Sparks Three

Sparks Three

Ralph Toporoff

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"In 1963 I was assigned to cover the renovation of the Paris Metro's Bastille Station. The work crews had a dizzying deadline to complete the work. I covered the renovation process every day taking interesting but not exciting photographs as I recorded the progress of hundreds of workers replacing rails, station platforms, lighting and concrete walls. As the deadline grew closer, the work crews began to work around the clock and do did I. When the welding teams were put on the night shift I suddenly found pictorial opportunities that were far and above the recording of a construction site. The sparks, the smoke and the small pools of light from the welding process set against the black of night created these eerily, beautiful landscapes. I've always found these photographs to be among my personal favorites." Ralph Toporoff

Artist: Ralph Toporoff
Title: Sparks Three
Dimensions: 69 cm x 101cm.
Year and location: Paris Metro, Paris (France) 1963

Edition: 3/10 signed on the back
Tech.: Archival Pigment Print/2008 - from photograph film negative/1963