Interior Decoration for Equity Residences

During the passed months we've been contacted by the italian achitect Matteo Severini on the opportunity of embellishing the walls of a beautyfull apartment in the heart of Siena.

We talked about the sense of wellness and relax a residence for vacation should communicate; the chioce of the colors of the walls and the position and shape of the furniture was a constant we had to keep in mind in all of our thoughts and during the installation process, everything was meticulously taken into account from chosing the right images to the dimensions they had to be, or the frames that better worked for our purposes..

For the main area (picture above), an open space serving as living room, kitchen and guest room, we decided together with the team of architects to mix black and white photographs of the Duomo of Siena by Stefano Fantini together with our exclusive Duomo Pattern graphic print by Valeria Cammarosano, a way of instantly taking the visitors of the house to a city of art and traditions but using a modern approach, making use of a slim profile black frame and mounting the photographs over a rigid panel eliminating the glass. The three bedrooms were also treated in the same way but with some variations, chosing photographs that suited the mood of the spaces in terms of content, color and installation.

Thanks to Matteo and his collaborators for this opportunity, we are proud of having taken part on this experience and we invite you to visit the Equity Residences web site to see all the pictures of the house.

We remind to all of our followers the possibility of taking advantage of our free decorating services, including on-site inspection and renders for pre-viz, to achieve the best results for your spaces.


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